How to clean chopping boards

by Jennifer Sinclair


    Your chopping board is a kitchen staple, but just how clean is it? Keeping it clean will ensure cross-contamination in the kitchen is minimised and the risk of food poisoning avoided.

    For a quick clean spray your board with Gyre and Gymble Multi Surface Spray, scrub clean and rinse with boiling water. Stand the board up and leave to dry.

    It is a good idea to regularly deep clean food preparation boards, both plastic and timber.  For a deep clean you will need:

    • Gyre and Gymble Multi Surface Spray 
    • Boiling water 
    • Table or rock salt 
    • Half a lemon or a bottled of lemon juice 

    Sprinkle a teaspoon of salt onto the board and use half a lemon, or lemon juice, and scrub the board. Once done leave for a minute then rinse with boiling water. Leave to dry totally on both sides. 

    Source: NHS How to prepare and cook food safely