About Gyre and Gymble

Gyre and Gymble wants to help you make your home a little bit more beautiful with our range of original and bespoke photography and art. Whether it is a poster or print to lift a room, a beautiful object as a gift, or something digital from our image collection, you will find it all here at Gyre and Gymble.

About Mrs Faff

Mrs Faff is a self-taught artist based in the United Kingdom. Her passion for art started during the lockdown in 2020, where she found solace in creating things that brought her joy. Her art spans various mediums, including photography, mixed media, digital art, bespoke skateboard art, and playing around with what nature has to offer.

Mrs Faff’s artwork reflects her vibrant personality and unique world perspective. She draws inspiration from her surroundings, capturing the beauty in everyday life and transforming it into something magical. Her use of bold colours, intricate details, and playful elements creates a whimsical and joyful atmosphere in her work.

Despite having no formal training, her natural talent and passion for art have allowed her to hone her craft and develop her unique style, creative, fun, and full of life. Her passion shines through in every piece she creates.

Why Mrs Faff? Inspired by nature, urban art, and graffiti adorning walls worldwide, she wanted a name to reflect what she does best, so faffing about turned into Mrs Faff. 


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