How to clean silver

by Jennifer Sinclair

Silver will tarnish if left out in the air.  It doesn’t matter how clean and dry your home is it will always go black in the end.

To slow down the tarnishing process wrap silver in a cotton cloth. If you have some old flannelette sheets cut these up and wrap each item. Don’t wrap silver in plastic. If water condenses and becomes trapped next to the silver it may damage the item.

So, here’s how you can get your silver super shiny using our Gentle Scouring Powder.

What you will need:

  • Gyre and Gymble Gentle Scouring Powder
  • A kettle full of boiling water 
  • A watertight dish which will hold the item you want to clean
  • Aluminium foil 

Line the tray or bowl with foil. Place your items in the bowl and sprinkle with Gentle Scouring Powder both inside and out. Pour on boiling water and watch the magic happen.  

The black tarnish will come away onto the aluminium foil. This process can be repeated if you need to turn the item over or if you need to remove more tarnish.

Once done take a clean cloth and buff until sparkling. To make the buffing easier add a few drops of Gyre and Gymble Hand Oil to the cloth. The oil will leave a very thin film over the surface which will help protect the silver. Don’t use oil inside a teapot as this could affect the taste of your tea!