It is time to clean the oven racks and trays

by Jennifer Sinclair

I hear you loud and clear this is never a job to look forward to but with this method, we have taken away the horrible sprays that make you choke and removed the endless scrubbing. 

You will need

  • A bath, large sink or big bucket (big enough for the trays to lie in) 
  • Old towel if using the bath
  • Hot water, no need to boil the kettle just out of the tap 
  • Gyre and Gymble Multi Surface Spray 
  • Metal scrubbing ball or scouring pad, or leftover aluminium foil scrunched into a ball
  • A little time! 

If using a bath place the old towel in the bottom to protect the surface. If not just place all oven trays and racks flat into the bottom of a suitable sink or bucket. Spray each item with Gyre and Gymble Multi Surface Spray and cover with hot water.

If your trays have super baked on grease, then leave soaking overnight.  If not, leave for an hour or so.

Use a scouring pad to rub over the trays and any baked on dirt should come off with very little effort at all. If you are having to work too hard just leave it to soak for a little longer. Once done, rinse and pop back into the oven. Time well spent!