It's time to clean the radiators

by Jennifer Sinclair

Radiators – what an invention, keeping our homes warm and cosy. But have you ever looked behind them? They are a dust magnet!

Every time they are turned on they infuse the smell of the old dust around your home. Not a great aroma, and also not good for your health. 

This is how you can clean these without too much effort.  You will need:

The first job is easy but messy. Put on a face mask and grab your hairdryer. Start by blowing the dust out from the radiator and the wall.  If the area is super dusty you can cover furniture with an old sheet then vacuum up the dust when done.

Next using Gyre and Gymble Multi Surface Spray wipe down the surface of the radiator. Make a spritz using a clean repurposed Gyre and Gymble spray bottle, 1 cup of water and 4 to 5 drops of lavender and eucalyptus oil. Shake and spritz this mixture over the radiator before they are turned on.  As the radiators warm they will be clean and infuse the essential oils around your home.

If you have some bags of lavender place these on top of the radiators. These will look pretty and smell great. Far nicer than the horrible musty dust smell!

This job is quick and easy and will make a huge difference to the health and aroma of your home in the winter months.  

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