News: Plastic in our rivers and oceans

by Jennifer Sinclair

Our Plastic Pandemic 

Yet again, with great sadness, we read about plastic pollution in our rivers and how this is causing health problems for all river life, which in turn will cause health problems for the general population.

This article published by the BBC in July 2020 is hard to read without feeling responsible.  But there are things we can do to help reduce our own waste. 

  • Remove as best you can, single-use plastic from your home 
  • Buy from shops that do not wrap in plastic. These are very often local independent shops so its win win - for the environment and for the local economy. 
  • Try to recycle whenever you can.  
  • Don't buy plastic bottled drinks. Buy a good quality bottle and reuse it over and over again. A thermos is useful as it can hold hot drinks in winter and cold in summer.
  • If you love fizzy drinks get a soda making machine, less plastic and much less sugar.  
  • Use eco-bags when you can. Don't forget to take your own bags to the shops. 

These are just a few suggestions - every little bit helps. 

Gyre and Gymble products are refillable, recyclable and repurposeable. Our 10L refill boxes will save many single-use plastic bottles. 

 BBC 21st July 2020 - River Thames 'severely polluted with plastic'

BBC 23rd July 2020 - Plastic pollution to weigh 1.3 billion tonnes by 2040