Gyre and Gymble's Gentle Scouring Powder

by Jennifer Sinclair

Gentle Scouring Powder is a multi-functional must-have. It makes your kitchen sink shine, your bath soap scum free.  Use anywhere that needs a good old scrub. Cleans chrome, steel, enamel, and plastic. Use as an odour eating carpet powder. Get your silver sparkling again.

Sprinkle onto the surface you want to clean and gently wipe with a damp clean cloth.

Its odour eating abilities are amazing! 

Odour eating carpet powder.

Place a couple of tablespoons of Gentle Scouring Powder in a herb shaker. Mix with eucalyptus and lavender essential oils (5 drops of each).  Shake the powder over your rug or carpet. Leave for an hour or so then vacuum.  

Cupboard or room odour eater 

Place a cup of Gentle Scouring Powder into a wide mouth jar (repurposing a spare scouring powder jar will work perfectly).  Add 5 drops of your favourite Gyre and Gymble Essential Oil and cover with either paper secured into place with an elastic band, or a wide weave cloth. If using paper then put lots of holes into the surface with a pin. Place the jar at the back of your cupboard, or anywhere you want to freshen up.

Mattress odour eater and dust mite reducer 

Remove and wash your bed linen. Using the same method you would for your carpet, sprinkle over the mattress. Leave for a while then vacuum the dust away and make your bed.

Stop squeaky timber floors 

Using a dry clean paintbrush push the powder down into the gaps of your timber floors where they squeak when walked on. 

Silver cleaner 

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Removing coffee and tea stains 

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